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Failed Sterilization

A wrongful birth is one that never should have happened.

If you had surgery in order to prevent yourself from becoming pregnant or from impregnating a woman and you later became a parent, you may have the right to pursue a wrongful birth claim.

Please contact Medical Malpractice Attorney Benjamin Fogel for experienced legal representation you can trust. Over the past four decades we have represented dozens of clients in wrongful birth lawsuits.

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We have won cases for male clients whose doctors failed to perform a post-vasectomy test for sperm viability as well as those who performed the test but failed to inform the patient of the results. We have represented women whose surgeons failed to perform a sterilization procedure correctly.

While no surgery is guaranteed, patients can and should expect their surgeons to follow the accepted and established standard of care in performing all sterilization surgeries. We help those who have been harmed by negligence relating to sterilization procedures. Failure to Detect and Inform parents of birth defects.

A wrongful birth can also happen when a physician fails to detect or fails to inform the mother that her fetus has Downs Syndrome, Syndrome 13, a rare chromosomal disorder, or another serious abnormality. This type of medical malpractice deprives the mother of important information she needs to decide whether or not to continue the pregnancy. She may believe she is carrying a healthy child, and only learns the truth when it is too late to end the pregnancy.

If you are the victim of a failed sterilization procedure or wrongful birth, please contact the Law Offices of Benjamin Fogel, Inc., today for a free initial consultation and case evaluation. We represent wrongful birth clients throughout Southern California.
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