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Recent Verdicts & Settlements

Attorney Benjamin Fogel has obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for his clients and their families who were injured or died due to hospital negligence, emergency room errors, and other instances of medical malpractice.  Practicing law since 1970, he is well respected in the legal community and recognized by his peers as an authority on medical malpractice in California. 

The following is a minor sampling of Attorney Fogel’s results

$2,200,000 - Radiologist failed to detect a neural tube defect in fetal ultra-sound resulting in birth of a child with paralysis.

$650,000 - Health Care Providers negligently diagnosed the patient with ectopic pregnancy resulting in giving medications that caused kidney disease.

$2,700,000 - Baby suffered Cerebral Palsy as result of failure to diagnose mother’s early membrane rupture that resulted in oxygen deprivation to fetus.

$1,430,000 - Medical Providers negligently performed a sterilization on woman resulting in the unplanned birth of a child with severe disabilities.

$475,000 - A negligently performed sterilization on a women resulted in the unplanned birth of her normal child.

$2,000,000 - A child was diagnosed in the Emergency Room with Bowel Obstruction & Medical Providers  were negligent in failing to timely transfer child to a Surgery Center, resulting in the loss of most of the child’s intestines.

$1,100,000 - Down Syndrome young adult suffers brain injury during negligent treatment for newly diagnosed Cancer.

- OB/GYN's negligent failure to timely order AFP genetic testing resulting in birth of a Down Syndrome child.


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